As mentioned in the previous page, TheBrain is a free mind-mapping program. This page would be explaining some tools required to create a mind-map on TheBrain and the advantages and disadvantages of TheBrain.

Functions & Tools


When you open TheBrain, this screen would pop-up. Close the Preference pop-up.

To create a new mind-map, click on New Brain and type in the title of the mind-map and save it in the location where you would like it to be. Then, click OK.
Type in the Topic. Click the green circle below the heading to create child. Type in the name for the following heading.
Click on the heading and on the notes which is at the bottom of the page, type in the information.

Do the same for the next heading.

Click on the blue circle around the boarder of the heading and drag it out to create child and the type in the headings.

To search for the heading or information on means, type it in the search engine and it will automatically bring you to the information as shown in the screenshot below.

There is no need to save, just close TheBrain and your file will be naturally saved in your computer.

For more information on the functions and tools of TheBrain, please visit:

Advantages VS Disadvantages

This is a simple table of the different advantages and disadvantages of TheBrain:
Clear Headings
Not all information is accessible at one glance
Neat and not messy
Not printer-friendly
Easy to search for information
Unable to see all the information and headings at a glance.
Tutorial included in the program itself.
Unable to insert pictures